(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. & v. hop, leap, bound, spring, vault; start, twitch, jerk.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A leap up or across]
Syn. skip, hop, leap, hopping, rise, upsurge, rising, pounce, lunge, leaping, jumping, skipping, running jump, broad jump, high jump, vault, bounce, hurdle, spring, bound, saltation, buckjump, leapfrogging, caper, dance, gambol.
2. [A leap down]
Syn. precipitation, plunge, dive, diving, nosedive, plummet, headlong fall, descent, drop, fall, parachute jump, bungee jump, sky diving; see also dive 1 , drop 2 .
3. [An obstacle]
Syn. hurdle, bar, fence; see barrier .
4. [Distance jumped]
Syn. leap, stretch, vault; see height 1 , length 1 .
5. [A sudden nervous movement]
Syn. start, jerk, twitch, jolt; see jerk 1 .
6. [A sudden rise]
Syn. ascent, spurt, inflation, hike*; see increase 1 , rise 2 .
get ( or [m1]have) the jump on*,
Syn. get an advantage over, get a head start, have the upper hand, beat; see exceed , surpass .
1. [To leap across or up]
Syn. vault, leap, leap over, spring, surge, lurch, lunge, pounce, pop up, pop out, bound, hop, skip, high-jump, broad-jump, take, hurdle, top, cavort, gambol, bounce.
2. [To leap down]
Syn. drop, plummet, plunge, sky-dive, parachute, bail out; see also dive , fall 1 .
3. [To pass over]
Syn. skip, bypass, cover, cross, traverse, flit, shift, leave out, omit, miss.
4. [To jerk]
Syn. start, twitch, jiggle, jounce, rattle, quiver, shake, rebound, recoil, flinch, wince, dance, skip, ricochet, bounce; see also bounce 1 .
5. [*To leave suddenly]
Syn. skip, abandon, clear out; see escape , leave 1 .
6. [To board]
Syn. mount, climb on, hop on, spring upon; see sense 1; board 2 , catch 7 .
7. [*To accost belligerently]
Syn. ambush, hold up, pounce on, mug*; see ambush , attack 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. leap hop, bound, vault, hurdle, spring, pounce, rise, leapfrog, buck, frolic, bounce.
2. increase upsurge, advance, upturn, boost.
1. leap hop, bound, vault, hurdle, spring, dive, pounce, rise, leapfrog, bounce, lunge, buck.
2. recoil start, flinch, wince, bolt, jerk.
3. increase surge, advance, escalate, rise, gain, boost.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To move off the ground by a muscular effort of the legs and feet: hurdle, leap, spring, vault2. See MOVE, RISE. 2. To move in a lively way: bounce, bound1, leap, spring. See MOVE. 3. To move suddenly and involuntarily: bolt, start. See MOVE. 4. To catapult oneself from a disabled aircraft: bail out, eject. See APPROACH. 5. To increase in amount: boost, hike, jack (up), raise, up. See INCREASE. 6. To raise in rank: advance, elevate, promote, raise, upgrade. See RISE. II noun 1. The act of jumping: leap, spring, vault2. See MOVE, RISE. 2. A sudden lively movement: bounce, bound1, leap, spring. See MOVE. 3. A sudden and involuntary movement: bolt, start, startle. See MOVE. 4. Informal. A dominating position, as in a conflict: advantage, better1, bulge, draw, drop, edge, superiority, upper hand, vantage. Informal: inside track. See OVER. 5. The act of increasing or rising: aggrandizement, amplification, augment, augmentation, boost, buildup, enlargement, escalation, growth, hike, increase, multiplication, proliferation, raise, rise, swell, upsurge, upswing, upturn. See INCREASE. 6. The amount by which something is increased: advance, boost, hike, increase, increment, raise, rise. See INCREASE. 7. A progression upward in rank: advancement, elevation, promotion, rise, upgrade. See RISE. 8. A state of nervous restlessness or agitation. Used in plural: fidget (often used in plural), jitter (used in plural), shiver1 (used in plural), tremble (often used in plural). Informal: all-overs, shake (used in plural). Slang: heebie-jeebies, jim-jams, willies. See CALM, FEAR.

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